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Media Translation - APAC Marketing Associates

Media Translation

Our translators are professional linguists, native speakers in various Asian countries, fluent in English, with outstanding credentials in business communications in their home country.   Our team delivers linguistic and cultural adaptations of English marketing messages.

Websites & Online Marketing – Copy, imagery, interactive, navigation, blogs, social media
Brochures – Text and imagery translation
Presentations – Written and verbal, visual, interactive
Emails – Campaign, niche, and executive
Technical Writing
Plans & Drafting
Instructions & Documentation
Legal – Chinese law
Financial – China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore

Our media translation experts translate existing marketing media from English to the desired language or local dialect.  We offer three tiers of media translation services.  Tier one is transcreation service, which takes into account the full spectrum of cultural implications, strategically crafting a custom-tailored message to a specific national, regional, local niche audience.  Tier two is a translation of the core message, far more effective than literal (word for word) translation, taking into account emotional response generation and crafting a specific message for the purpose of producing a similar response as that of the source language audience.  Tier three is essentially translating your message with a software and then editing it, word for word, to correct errors in vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and context.  Tier three, for example, is substantially more effective than simply using Google Translate, but some aspects of your core message may be distorted with respect to cultural implications.

All of our media translation services, from tier one (transcreation) to tier three, will produce a message that demonstrates your products or services.  Tier three translation should never be used for consumer product marketing in China.  This would not be advisable.