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Translate - APAC Marketing Associates


Cross-cultural communications to Asian audiences pose a number of problems to Western marketers.  Translation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to communicating features and benefits to a particular culture.  APAC Marketing specializes in verbal and written direct communications translation services,  with expertise in both metaphrase and paraphrase translation, in various Chinese and Asian dialects.

Hiring the right translator is critical in Asia.  It is always best to hire a competent and trustworthy translator who is native to the city or region in which your audience is.  Hiring a Shanghai native translator to communicate to prospective clients in Beijing may be sufficient for getting your core message across, but you must also consider the significant potential for message distortion and cultural conflicts.  Shanghai and Beijing dialects are about as far apart as English and Spanish, and cultural differences are similarly contrasting.

In addition to direct translation, our team of marketing linguists also provides transcreation services, a more highly specialized  form of “marketable” translation that is crafted to represent brands, products, and services.  Crafting a message that fits a particular local, regional, or national market is not an easy task.  Each word and image must be deconstructed to then be reconstructed to evoke the desired practical and emotive responses.

Another type of translation, foreign branding, is perhaps the most critical, and usually the first step in marketing a company, brand, product, or service to Asia.  China, in particular, is very receptive to name adaptations of American brands.  Choosing the right brand name and brand mark is essentially the title heading to your entire message.  In Chinese, a name is the pinnacle of your brand message.